The Thompson Brothers:
Blood Brothers
Reality Television Series

Blood Brothers is a reality television series based on characters from the release of the Iroquois Lacrosse Documentary, Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation.

Lacrosse originated from and is the lifeblood of the Iroquois people. It is also the fastest growing sport in the world. Lyle, Miles, Jerome, and Jeremy Thompson, four Iroquois brothers raised with traditional values and teachings of Native people, now world-class athletes, find themselves at the center of the lacrosse explosion. After record-breaking college careers, what happens when these fierce brothers become the professional ambassadors for this hugely popular sport? What happens when they become sports celebrities endorsed by Nike?

As their fame spreads, our docu-style reality show will follow these twenty somethings walking the line between “The American Dream” as international celebrities and honoring their deep rooted values as citizens of a Native Nation. In a tale of two worlds, each brother must face the question; will money and fame change their ways? Will it pull them in different directions and break the blood ties of family and ancestry? Or will their traditional teachings sustain these modern day Superstars to be true to themselves, each other and their tribe? With exclusive access, Blood Brothers explores the life of brothers with brothers, practicing lacrosse with unbridled competition, private moments with their wives and children, moments within their nation, time on the road, with fans, and managing their company Thompson Brothers Lacrosse (TBL). Our show will take viewers into the intimate details of history being made as the very first Native Americans ever sponsored by corporate giant Nike, launch their iconic “BRAID” branded line of equipment, clothing, shoes and youth training camps.

Every episode will feature the amazing feats of superhuman athleticism that each Thompson is known for. Our audience will have the unique opportunity to enter their world, experience first hand life on the rez, seasonal ceremonies, deep family bonds that tie these young men to the land, their home, and both their past and their future. Raised to honor where they come from and to be responsible for the well being of generations to come - Blood Brother’s takes us on their journey.