Exiled In The Land Of The Free
Mini-Series in Development

The Counter Narrative to American History.

A Groundbreaking Event Series chronicling the remarkable history and modern day story of the Iroquois Confederacy. This is a story the United States government does not want you to know. It’s about a man and his people, fighting for freedom against the most powerful nations, industrial giants and religious institutions in the world – a battle with global impact – that few people are even aware is going on.

This is the story that could set American History books straight. This is the story that asks, why did the Founding Fathers choose to keep secret the original design of the United States government, our democracy? One of the hidden facts of the Founding Fathers is that they discovered their democratic model not in Great Britain, France, Greece nor any of the so-called “cradles of civilization.” Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and others, found the oldest participatory democracies on earth among the American Indians. 

The Iroquois Confederacy was the most powerful nation on this continent when the first Europeans arrived, holding over 24 million acres of forest, lakes and rivers. Today, it occupies less than one hundred thousand acres in isolated patches across the northeastern United States. Its capital, Onondaga, has been reduced to a tiny rectangle of land in upstate New York just two miles wide by four miles long. Still, the Confederacy manages to survive, a nation within a nation. Sovereign. Beholden to no one. With its own language, its own passports, its own laws and traditions. But it is – and has been since before the Revolutionary war – under siege. This sweeping historical narrative will reveal the truth, unflinchingly and dramatically from the primary perspective of the Iroquois people and leave us with the question: Will the Iroquois remain forever exiled in the land of the free?