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From our first public screening and Q&A with the cast and team, we witnessed the power of this film to inspire dialogue on the subjects of leadership and cultural wellness.  We created the Spirit Game Ambassador Program to support and empower engaged individuals and groups wishing to bring the Spirit Game film to their community or educational institution.  We provide tools and mentorship for people to lead the interactive dialogues that directly connect the themes of the film to issues unique to local community.  The program focuses on the values embedded in the origin of lacrosse, the importance and balance of spirituality and physical activity, community, family, environment, good nutrition, and what makes a true “model athlete.”  

Spirit Game Ambassadors will:   


●      Host local screenings within their communities         

●      Take an active leadership role to facilitate a post film discussion         

●      Have the opportunity to network and coordinate with other Spirit Game Ambassador’s and communities     

●      Help to facilitate ongoing communication and feedback to grow the game of lacrosse 


We are honored to present our first Spirit Game Ambassador, Thomas Reed, Oneida Nation.


“My heart is humbled to be an ambassador for the film. As a member of the Iroquois Nation alongside my brothers and sisters in Oneida, WI, we are honored to host a screening of "Spirit Game: Pride of a Nation" on our Tribal Nation in support of our Iroquois Confederacy. I know the Creator's Game has a deep impact in Oneida, and this screening is a stance of support, solidarity, and an opportunity to celebrate with our fellow Iroquois brothers and sisters. We are thrilled to watch the Thompson Brothers and the Iroquois National Team be role models in playing this sacred sport, as lacrosse is more than a game for us. Our screening will be filled with Oneida Community members as well as current players who hold dreams of serving both their community and their ancestors as members of the Iroquois National Lacrosse Team.”

- Thomas Reed, Oneida


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